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Sweet Relief & Georgia On My Mind - January 27, 2017

I'll be traveling to Atlanta very soon,

to have surgery to treat my endometriosis. 

this is major surgery (my fourth)

and has been a major endeavor to make happen. 

hopefully, it will be a turning point 

on my journey with this miserable disease.


Sweet Relief has kindly set up a medical fund on my behalf.

there's a bit of my story here, 

and links for solid endometriosis resources.


all donations are tax deductible

and will go towards my surgery and recovery expenses.

please take a moment to visit the site & share the link.

every little bit helps. 


if you or a loved one are living with this disease, 

you are welcome to get in touch with me.

i have learned a lot on this involuntary journey

and am happy to advocate for others.


thanks you for sticking with me through all this.

it's been so long.

if all goes well,

i hope to be back in the swing of things 

later this year.

imagine that...


Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle

'Surgery' project update - February 1, 2015

To everyone who has supported the 'Surgery' project: 

It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate your support.  Friends showing up for me from all points of the past and reminds me of how blessed I have been during my time on the road and during this difficult, or shall I say different, time of staying put.  I am a little more than halfway through the 8 week 'recovery' time for the operation and continue to focus on healing.

Recording 'Surgery' gave me a break from being a sick person, and let me be back where I belong...making music for you.  I hope it takes you somewhere good...Fare Forward, Voyagers!

p.s. For those who prefer music in a tangible, non-virtual form:  

I am making a small batch of handmade, hand-stitched 'Surgery' CDs.  

(I suppose I could make a cassette for you too, if you are a fan of those little machines, as am I)

If you would like one, please send a donation of any amount to:

High Plains Sigh c/o Amy Annelle

 6003 Ponca Street


Austin, TX 78741

'SURGERY': new music and photography project - January 24, 2015

Hello friends!


Well folks, here it is, the brand-new music and photography project, SURGERY.

Eleven folk tunes and standards,

recorded last month at home in Montopolis, Texas during a rainstorm.  


As you may know, I recently had major surgery for a chronic medical condition.  

This project has been set up as a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards medical expenses.

The album was conceived in the weeks before surgery as a way to transcend fears

and the stress of chronic illness through music...and dangit, it worked!

I  am excited to be able to share it with you now.  


Please make a donation of any amount to the medical fund: 


Then download the album free*:




'SURGERY' by Amy Annelle

HPS 014


GREY FUNNEL LINE (written by Cyril Tawney, 1959; after June Tabor & Maddy Prior)

NEW RIVER BLUES (written by Michael Hurley, 2006)

THE BONNY SHIP THE 'DIAMOND' (traditional, 1820s; after the Watersons)

TRASH FISH (FISHIN' ALL DAY) (written by Ralph White, 1992)

QUIET (written by Malvina Reynolds, 1966)

BLACK IS THE COLOR (traditional; after Jean Ritchie)


I ONCE LOVED A LASS (traditional, British Isles; after Ewan MacColl)

THAT OLE DEVIL CALLED LOVE (written by Doris Fischer & Allan Roberts, 1944; after Billie Holiday)

TRAVELING PEOPLE (written by Ewan MacColl, 1964; after Gordon Bok)

OVER THE RAINBOW (written Yip Harburg & Harold Arlen, 1939)


Recorded one rainy weekend in December 2014

by Amy Annelle at home in Montopolis, Texas.

Mixed by Craig Ross.

Amy Annelle: guitars, voices, shruti box & drones, percussion, tin whistle, chimes.  

Ike & David:  backing vocals on track 4.

Auxiliary hollering, boasting, barking and leafblowing as they occurred.


*Do you loathe digital music and/or digital fundraising?

Fellow luddites, take heart!  

A handmade CD version of this album is available

for a donation of any amount.

Donations may be sent via the regular old postman,

who will haul ass through my neighborhood in his little right-hand drive truck,

 delivering your parcel surreptitiously after sunset:



Amy Annelle

6003 Ponca Street

Montopolis, Austin, TX 78741



Fare Forward, with love!

xxHigh Plains Sighxx

the Omniscient Siren's Song - January 4, 2015


Hello friends!  


and so it goes

that once again we have approached and passed 

the place in space that makes for a new year.

do you feel it?  can you tell?

i'm not sure yet.  

still pretty out of it, but happy all the same.


I am recovering quietly and fine from the surgery.

Thank you to my friends who have gently got my back

and are looking after the critters and creations!


The new album of surgery songs went on a trip to the mixing shed

and should be returning home, ready to share shortly!  

And thus, the lowdown on the download and how that will happen!

News of it here in, like, days.


In the meantime, something to watch, someplace to go.

on video.

Back in time and place,

to caliche roads, clouds, satchels full of songs.

Bang-up full production numbers

of Ivy & the Wicker Suitcase @ Stateside Theatre in Austin Texas, November 2014.


Omniscient Siren (Amy Annelle) accompanies Omniscient Serenader (Brian Beattie)

on his "Ivy's Dream"



...and a drowsing Everything (Bill Callahan) "I Was Sleeping"

Those illustrious illustrated cranky reels are by Valerie Beattie.


Frogs croak. twinkles twinkle. fates allow,

 as they will you.


Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle

Surgery - December 9, 2014

Well folks, I'm scheduled for surgery on December 30th.

I won't get into the gory details, but it's major surgery

with all the bills and thrills that go along with that.

So to prepare spiritually and to raise funds for this non-voluntary endeavor,

I have decided to make it a celebration of sorts,

with an album called SURGERY!

I've been recording at home.

And will polish off this acute collection of songs

and make it available for your listening enjoyment right quick!

More details to come soon via the mailing list

or the benignly neglected www. 

Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle

put your loving hand in mine - October 24, 2014

Hello, stranger.  Put your loving hand in mine.

You are a stranger, but you're a pal of mine.

Amy Annelle here, briefly come up from the abyss

 to partake in a performance Saturday night.  

Rob Halvorsen's "Grapes of Wrath 75" Project is in full swing,

the latest manifestation being a night of yarns & song

at the Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin, Tejas.  

Rob is in collaboration with folks of many stripes

on the subject of Joad Clan|:|USA;

yes many lights will coalesce and shine tomorrow night. 

I'll sing a sort of lullaby to Rosasharn that Rob and I wrote,

and The Ballad of Belle Star, translated from the 1940's Woody.

So won't you come on down and stay awhile?

There's a chill in the air and tunes to beguile.



Saturday, October 25th

Spiderhouse Ballroom

2906 Fruth Street



doors at 7:00; show at 8:00

**All Ages Welcome**

$10 suggested donation


Whatever Happened To Amy Annelle? - March 5, 2013

Whatever happened to Amy Annelle?

Courser of the highways and byways

wandering the country with her music family in a big old van.  

Songs coming to you over the airwaves, f

rom the streetcorner, campfire or stage.  


It's not that I have gone. or given up.  Far from it. 

I just got real sick.  

There you have it.   

Been a couple years now.

No sure fire cures.

Trailing through a different wilderness.

Looking for clues, and crime scenes.


I will mend.  This is my intention.

But this mending takes time, stillness.

Out of my element, yet more elemental, this mending takes time.  

So, slow I go.  


In the meantime, the world speeded up.  

I am out of tune with the speed of the world.  

So you may only hear me as a whisper,

rather than a bullhorn holler.  

The muses speak more gently now than ever.

I promise to see them through.  

No teams of experts ensure my success or viability.  

When something happens, it just does.

Not that nothing is happening... Some things happened.  

Did you hear things?  Did you see things?  

Metaphorical motes come up from the dark, and floated around in a sunbeam.


This one's a story about my friend Ralph White.  

Told by a fellow traveler finding his own way,

with some songs and words of mine helping the telling:


Two new photo essays from the Texas High Plains: 

"ESTELUSTI:  The Longest Road to Brackettville"



you can go over to the "still photos" section at to see.


And another episode, related to the first, but different.  

About the cowboy artist and wise man, R. Kelly Pruitt,

and the love for his Texas high desert.  

My songs from "The Cimarron Banks" are there in that wild place, and couldn't feel more at home:



There, then.

Until we meet again, I bid you:


The Golden-Winged Ship - October 1, 2012

Ahoj, friends, and newcomers to the High Plains Sigh newsletter:  Welcome. 


I write with news of a forthcoming musical adventure, scheduled for the evening of October 10th in Austin, Tex.  


What there will be is


rare and true

and played with soul

for you.  



Wednesday Oct. 10th 

doors at 9:30

all-ages show

$6 at the door; all ages

Mohawk Austin



This will be my last show for 2012 and one of just a few I've played this year.  


Prior to this show, I will be performing on KOOP Radio's "Adventures In Sound" program.  On Saturday, Oct. 6th, tune to 91.7 on your FM dial between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m.Central Standard Time and you will hear new songs and tangential happenings.  Or tune in online at to listen anywhere you darn well please.



As Ever Always,

High Plains Sigh

High Plains SIgh Releases now available in digital format - July 21, 2012

Yes, you may now enjoy the High Plains Sigh catalogue in the modern virtual way.  All titles by Amy Annelle, and her earlier work as "The Places"*, can be procured as downloads by visiting iTunes, Rhapsody, and other websites where these sorts of transactions transpire.  

Have a look here at the catalog, there may be some albums trips a-waitin' that you've not yet taken.  In Particular "The Great Unveiling", a new Amy Annelle covers album, which was never officially released, rather it just appeared in the stream one day, fully formed and sunning itself on the banks. 

Thank You for your support, and as ever, Fare Forward!




THE GREAT UNVEILING, Amy Annelle (2012) HPS 012

Informal readings of folk, rock and unclassifiable songs.  Annelle covers everyone from Skip James and Townes Van Zandt to Ray Davies and R. Stevie Moore.  Mostly recorded at home.

THE CIMARRON BANKS, Amy Annelle (2010) HPS 009

"A genuine American visionary strikes again, this time with smoldering allegorical heft. Annelle tempers the profound with flecks of the profane, warping timeless compositions with modern forthrightness and frailty…a haunting, heartening, and harrowingly human folk event. There’s just a lot going on here, and it’s an accessible complexity that’s sure to endure." (Howard Wyman, Crawdaddy) 

 SONGS FOR CREEPS, The Places (2006) HPS 004

"A starkly beautiful collection of dark avant-folk wanderings...eerily quiet and breathtaking.  'Songs For Creeps' mirrors the nomadic lifestyle of its maker, utilizing vintage equipment and instruments, found sounds like bird calls and ghostly Native American chanting, and her own sweet voice.  Annelle crafts wonderfully weird, macabre songs about fading love, murderous intentions, seers and midnight explorations" (Peter Linblad, Goldmine Magazine) 

FAWNS WITH FANGS:  Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket, The Places (2005) HPS 001 

"Not the usual premeditated studio covers album: it's more of an accidental self-portrait, drawn from a wealth of live recordings and home 4-track sessions. The album digs deep into the hallowed underground of British and American folk and psychedelic rock--with a few wild cards mixed in"  The secret bonus tracks are included.

CALL IT SLEEP, The Places (2004) HPS  008 

"A staggering achievement of tranquil, curiously soothing acrimony…the songs seem exuded from a heart evolved well past a certain peril but still beating virulently…lush, patient melodies and expertly balanced arrangements" (Howard Wyman, Swingset Magazine)

A SCHOOL OF SECRET DANGERS, Amy Annelle (2001) HPS 007

"A School of Secret Dangers is the bar at which modern singer-songwriters should measure up to, a tight recording stripped down to the bare essentials and somehow managing to sound whole in every way" (Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust) 


"I've never floated through an album before, but listening to The Autopilot Knows You Best, I felt as if I were buoyed on the zephyr of Annelle's ivory-pure voice, passing through the vapor of flawless, narcotic clouds of music" (John Dark, Pitchfork Media)

WHICH ONE'S YOU?, Amy Annelle (1999) HPS 003

"Twisting melodies and bear-trap lyrics that tear the bark off any vestige of sentimentality...a remarkable and wrenching debut record" (John Chandler, Rocket Magazine)


*titles originally released as "The Places" are now listed online as "Amy Annelle & the Places".

Amy Annelle to play Titwrench Fest 2012 - July 18, 2012

 Amy Annelle will be playing at the fabulous 2012 Titwrench Festival, happening July 27--29 in Denver. Amy is part of the lineup Saturday night 28 July at the Mercury Dancehall.  This will likely be her only out-of-town performance this year.  


Over the sea of grass, a tale will come to saddle up your mule and come on by.

For advance tickets, and to see the full lineup, please visit:


Fare Forward, Voyagers!




4th Edition

July 27-28-29 2012

Denver, Colorado USA


"A multi-day extravaganza of next level

art-performance and community

with a focus on the ladyz"





Updates on all the usual virtual channels.


"Titwrench is a feminist arts and music collective based in the Southwestern United Sates.  

Our mission is to:

celebrate female-identified artists and musicians

who are pushing the boundaries of genre and form;

Create community around artists,

unconventional music and art,

and an inclusive fun and safe space for all participants of our events;

Connect artists and audiences from disparate genres & backgrounds

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Community is imperative to the survival

and flourishment of our voices and ideas!  

Let's go!"

Austin Chronicle: 4 stars for "The Cimarron Banks" - June 22, 2012

Amy Annelle

The Cimarron Banks (High Plains Sigh)


Troubadour Amy Annelle has spent the better part of a decade sowing her rough and tumble folk tunes across the country, but the songstress returned to her Austin landing place to record her latest, The Cimarron Banks. For newcomers to her seven-LP career, her warbling alto commands most of the attention for the first few spins, but subsequent plays reveal intoxicating guitar lines and Bob Dylan's brand of lyricism ("I was but a waif just a-waitin' to be taken by a stiff breeze, a hellhound, or a full moon"). It's easy to appreciate the devastating delicacy of the title track, but most of the songs take extra spins to reveal their potential. Annelle's Austin residency allowed her to take the same care with this Craig Ross production as she did with her songwriting, layering together a rich album.

March as Macrocosm - March 14, 2012

Hello Friends, near and far, Mockingbirds holler away, storm clouds lash in silver-gray, and what is most surprising are the dandelions, three feet high, and rising. Springtime in Texas and songbirds do indeed have their work cut out for them this time of year. Here's a flock of shows to last us through 'til April. ***************** Thurs 3/15 Amy Annelle & the True Vine Annie Street Arts Collective SXSW Party bands from hither and yon play short sets of live music from 3 PM until midnight. Amy Annelle & the True Vine play at 7:30 pm. 909 West Mary Street Austin, TX 78704 (512) 494-6436 more info Sat 3/17 Precious Blood (Amy Annelle & Ralph White) My Backyard x Your Backyard SXSW House Concert. PB plays at 8 pm. 96 Lynn Street, (1 block East of Ceasar Chavez & Chicon) Austin TX 78702 ********************

Return to Cimarron - February 11, 2012

A transmission from the folks over at Annie Street Arts Collective:



"In late 2010, Amy Annelle finished a new album, "The Cimarron Banks".  Due to Amy's prolonged illness, the album was never properly released, though copies were quietly passed to friends and fans at shows and sold on her wesbite. This collection of swirling dark matter percolated itself slowly into the universe. One by one, as we all spent time with these songs on evenings home alone and long car rides through the desert, this thunderous tour de force rocked us through and through.

This show is a celebration of this under-celebrated album, and a teaser for a project that is in the works:  a 2-LP set of "The Cimarron Banks" in gatefold sleeve, with all the original songs from the CD version, plus an entire side of songs from the original Cimarron sessions that have not yet been released.

This is important music and we are honored to be helping Amy release it into the atmosphere.  At the show on Feb. 17th, Amy is going to play "The Cimarron Banks" in its entirety, including the unreleased songs.  She will be accompanied by her new band, The True Vine (Lindsey Verrill, Nick Hennies, and Roy Coon).  There will also be a showing of short films shot during her time in Cimmaron County, Oklahoma, the high plains landscape where these songs sprung forth.  Shakey Graves will be opening.  


Suggested donation is $10--$20.  No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  All attending will receive a copy of "The Cimarron Banks" from the original CD pressing.  Signed color prints of Adam Kobetich's beautiful poster for the show

will also be available.  
Thank you."

Annie Street Arts Collective



with Shakey Graves

Friday, Feb. 17th

Doors at 7:30.  Music at 8.

Central Presbyterian Church

200 E. 8th Street @ Brazos (1 block east of Congress)

Austin, Texas USA

$10--20 suggested donation


for more information please contact

BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone... - June 11, 2011

I'd only ever dreamed of such a fine evening of music and community.

As an elder in the crowd said,

"it's like a big family here".


A waxing gibbous moon shone down through the oak boughs.

Warm winds and generous spirits officiated.

My songs poured forth from dear friends old and new,

and I loved every note.

Surprising tunes were pulled from deep downstream,

the newest ones settling in beside them.

Songs were inverted, rearranged,

stripped down and dressed up.

These were not cursory reads.


Good news is, it was recorded!

More about this, and word of other musical machinations, soon.

BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone who played and stayed and sang along,

Including you all sending well wishes from far & wide.

THANK YOU for the big-hearted donations of music and art and greenbacks.

AND THANK YOU to Annie Street Arts Collective

for being a catalyst of positive energy for the independent music community.

I hope that the generosity and suport showered on me and my songs

comes back to you all in spirit and in kind.


Amy Annelle



"God Bless" photo by Amy Annelle

Amy Annelle tribute benefit show TONIGHT!! Austin, Texas. Update. more cool stuff. - June 10, 2011

Subject:   Amy Annelle tribute benefit show TONIGHT!! Update. more cool stuff.
From:   "Annie Street Arts Collective" <>
Date:   Fri, June 10, 2011 5:42 pm

Hi everyone,

We are hosting a benefit show tonight at 9pm for Amy Annelle.  She is a wildly good songwriter and beautiful friend of ours.  

The show is going to be an all star lineup of Annie Street favorites:

Amy Annelle!
Ralph White!
some say Leland!
Bruce Salmon!
The Susquehanna Hat Company!
Lindsey Verrill and Pete Murray!
Steve Bernal!
Andrew Stevens!
Dan Grissom!

Amy is a person who devotes her whole mind and soul to music and as a result is struggling to pay for recent surgeries and medical problems that she has been dealing with.  If we all come together as a community, we can help her get back to a place where she can write more beautiful songs for us.  Any donation tonight will get you a copy of Amy's new album 'The Cimarron Banks'.  Also, Will Johnson of Centromatic has kindly donated several fine screenprints of his baseball paintings for us to sell tonight.  The proceeds will all go directly to Amy.

As always, please consider donating to HAAM.  They are an amazing resource for Austin musicians to get health care.

Thank you and see you all tonight!

Annie Street Arts Collective

A Tangent Pair - September 27, 2010

Hello Friends,


I write from the wake of the season's first North'er.  A North'er is a cold front that barrels down the High Plains from Alberta.  Often there's blue-black clouds blasting a line from the west horizon to the east.  A wall of bluster.  But this one just blew away the summer.  It left crystal clear air and the rush of a season turning.  Did you hear last night, how the cicadas were singing?  There's urgency in numbered days.  Do it if you mean to, before the bitter winds lay you still.

North'er Approaching Lower Colorado by Amy Annelle

The Wednesday Residency continues.  Sitting in with me this week will be Brian Beattie on the electric bass. Brian and I have worked together on many studio recordings, but this playing live will be a first.  Please join us up on yonder hilltop tomorrow evening in Austin, Texas.  Chord-tangent transformation.  Offerings in the name of Bessie, Townes, R. Stevie & Dolly, Maddy, Woody and all the Watersons. 


Amy Annelle Wednesday Residency

special guest Brian Beattie

Wednesday 9.29 6--7:30 PM


3601 S. Congress Ave.

Austin, Tex USA 


I will also be playing a solo set this Sunday October 3 at the Ghost Room in Austin for Blue Dog Rescue's 10th Anniversary.


Fare Forward, Voyagers!

Wednesday Residency--Austin Tex USA - September 1, 2010



6--7:30 PM 

every Wednesday in September & October

Ruta Maya New Back Bar

3601 S. Congress

Austin, Tex USA

all ages || suggested donation

Bi-Coastal Song Catching - August 15, 2010



Yesterday morning I woke to a soft rain in a Maine barn.  

And by tonight, I'll be all the way to Oregon.  

Presently, I plan to take two deep breaths.  







"Schedule" Dan B & Amy Moon's |  Belfast, Maine

Thank you one and all for making the New England tour a happy one!










Woody Guthrie Tribute & "Roll On, Columbia" Film Screening

with Peter Yarrow, Dan Bern, Rebecca Gates*


425 NW 18th



FRIDAY 8.20 8 PM
VERTIGO with Paper Airport

4260 SE Hawthorne




THE WAYPOST with Pikara

3120 N. Williams




Kill Rock Stars/Stooping Bear Cookout with Michael Hurley, Rebecca Gates, Tara Jane O'Neil and Raymond Byron & the White Freighter*

6637 N. Milwaukee


SUNDAY 8.22 9 PM

HOLOCENE with Laura Gibson, Thao & Mirah*

1001 SE Morrison







"Fare forward, travelers! not escaping from the past

into different lives, or into any future;

You are not the same people who left that station

Or who will arrive at any terminus,

While the narrowing rails slide together behind you;

And on the deck of the drumming liner

Watching the furrow that widens behind you,

You shall not think 'the past is finished'

Or 'the future is before us'.

At nightfall, in the rigging and the aerial,

Is a voice descanting (though not to the ear,

The murmuring shell of time, and not in any language)

"Fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging;

You are not those who saw the harbour 

Receding, or those who will disembark"

T.S. Eliot


  I'll see you up West.


Amy Annelle


New England Dates - August 5, 2010

The Way of the Cimarron - August 1, 2010



The Way of the Cimarron

by Amy Annelle 2010


"In Oklahoma, all the experiences that went into the making of the nation has been speeded up...the one who can interpret Oklahoma can grasp the meaning of America in the modern world"  

Oklahoma: Footloose and Fancy Free 

 by Angie Debo--Stillwater, Oklahoma 1949










"It is impossible to reconstruct the full history of The Nermernuh, The True Human Beings...they had no writing or records...any history of The People, no matter who writes it, must suffer from the fact that records were kept only by the People's enemies"

Comanches:  the Destruction of a People

by T.R. Fehrenbach--San Antonio, Texas 1974






High Plains Ahead - July 5, 2010

I'm about to perigrinate up the plains to play some shows,

across the valleys of the Candadian and the Cimarron,

to the Rocky Mountains and then some.

I hope to see some of you who dwell out that way and your neighbors too. 


Friday July 9 


144 N. College Avenue

Fort Collins, CO

with Origami Hands


Saturday July 10 


a three-day all-ages, DIY festival of music & visual art


3551 Brighton Blvd.

Denver, CO


Sunday July 11

Buckhorn Bar

114 E. Ivinson

Laramie, Wyoming

with Birgit Burke, Mike Safran & friends

(307) 742-3554


Monday July 12

KRFC Live at Lunch

noon Mountain Time

Ft. Collins, CO

listen live



I'll have copies of the new album"The Cimarron Banks" and other music too.


You might find me on the street at the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma July 14--18.  You might find me any old place between here and there.


Fare Forward, Voyagers!

Amy Annelle


P.S.  There's a page up for "The Cimarron Banks", come say hidy:

Gather 'Round the Old Radio - June 1, 2010

Hi Folks, 


Amy and Ralph recenly played a live Precious Blood set for "Phoning It In" on KDVS radio, in Davis, California. Wander on over & listen to a free recording here:


"Amy Annelle (ex-Places) and Ralph White (ex-Bad Livers) phone it in from Austin, TX.  Precious Blood may be a lark for this duo--kicking back, jamming on old country standards, Cajun waltzes, and other traditional folk musics--but the results are nothing short of true alchemy. I'd make some mention of a time machine here if it wouldn't be mixing metaphors, but this stuff really does transport you, to the days of Harry Smith's or Alan Lomax's backroads recording adventures, when 78rpm records had just eclipsed sheet music, and families still gathered around the radio. It's magic, plain and simple. How else could these two incorporate so much musical history so effortlessly? And who else but? So take a seat on the porch swing and enjoy!"~~Nadav Carmel, KDVS Radio

a storm's a-brewing - May 24, 2010

Oh, how the storms come up o'er the High Plains.  

On a moody muggy afternoon, a lonely gravid cloud 

means possibilities.

It casts its shadow & starts to stir up the air around it.  

Before your very eyes, it's gathered a roiling mass of allies,

charged particles, all with a notion to rumble and lash.  

There is a lively energy exchange with the paralell plane.  

The thunder comes, bolts of lightning are hurled,

a banshee wind drives a curtain of rain.  

To be caught in the open in such a storm is to laugh as you run for your life,

is to know how it feels to be alive.

This is not unlike how a tour happens.  

A festival, an offer of hospitality, a house concert or happening

is the cloud that starts a reaction in the air around it.  

This is happening already; a tour is in the air!  

So I thought I would put the word out that, if you've written me in the past

about a show in your neck of the woods,

now is a good time to remind me.

Yes please to drop a line if you'd like to see about booking a show,

or want to suggest a friendly listening spot, happening

or show putter-onner near you.

 Commotion & reaction, thank you & bless you.


The official release of "The Cimarron Banks" approaches June 1st!*

It can be got via good old fashioned mail order, or from me at a show.  

To order with cash or check, please send $12 + $3 ship & handle = $15

(international orders please include $5 shipping & handling)

and do send an email to let me know it's on the way!






Or you may use paypal by clicking the 'order now' button at

There's another curious happening on the High Plains:

at the very top of mesas, that much closer to the clouds

tiny butterflies fly around and do their thing,

despite the stiff winds and long odds.

perhaps it's the view that stretches forever,

perhaps it's the lack of affect from concrete & plow.

It's a wonder they survive, or find each other at all;

but clearly they do.  


With love from the hinterlands,

Amy Annelle

new Amy Annelle solo album "THE CIMARRON BANKS" - May 20, 2010

Hello friends,


 I am very happy to announce the new album:



A High Plains Emanation.

by Amy Annelle

"The Cimarron Banks reveals Amy Annelle as

a High Plains angel, serenading sagebrush

and shadows, while harmonizing with the wind. 

Her songs are sparse and transcendent. 

But far from being cloud-bound, Amy exalts the soil—

what grows from it, walks on it, and is built upon it. 

She also marks the trail of remnants:  that which is

wilted, forsaken and ghostly"

–Irwin Chusid, WFMU radio

cover painting by Valerie Fowler


The Cimarron Banks ~ The Hellhound's Address ~ Wounded Man ~ Harden Your Blades ~ Carrion Dream ~ Wake Up, Little Dark Eyes ~ Paleface Blues ~ Forever In-Between ~ Miss It More Than You Know How ~ Ode To A Lone Bird ~ The Nightjar's Blues ~ Streaking With The Lightning


Official Release Date June 1, 2010

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Amy Annelle/High Plains Sigh

1101 Jewell Street

Austin, Tex 78704 USA

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early airplay on WFMU, KXT, Asheville Free Media

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"The Cimarron Banks" written & played by Amy Annelle; produced & recorded by Craig Ross. Additional recording by Brian Beattie. Mastered by Joe Gastwirt. Paintings and illustrations by Valerie Fowler. Special guest musicians Ian McLagan, Paul Brainard, Craig Ross, Josh Housh, Molly Fischer, Will Landin, Tom Cornelison.




"THE CIMARRON BANKS" is on Facebook, but it's shy and not really sure what it's supposed to do there.  Please come visit and give it a cup of tea or something:

Amy Annelle SXSW 2010 - March 1, 2010

Amy Annelle SXSW 2010 Austin Texas USA

Music Showcase--Friday, March 19 7:30 p.m. at Stephen F.'s Bar at Intercontinental Hotel, 701 Congress Ave.

Sweet Relief Acoustic Stage/SXSW Interactive--Monday March 13 4 p.m. at the Beacon Lounge in the Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Free Show--Sunday 2.21 7:30 PM at Flipnotics South, 1601 Barton Springs Road

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