1. ugly stray

From the recording ugly stray


who's that sleeping under the porch? have you seen him before? you don't mind him sleeping out there, but when he comes near the door, you say: "GO AWAY! GO AWAY YOU UGLY STRAY! GO AWAY! GO AWAY YOU UGLY STRAY!" and he runs away, to a quiet place, where no-one's above you. i said, "leave him alone, everybody needs a home--and WHERE WOULD YOU BE IF NOBODY LOVED YOU?" sleeping in backyards, passing time by the river. driving in strange cars, stay awake 'til you can see the lines. wake up. the dream is fading....are you sure? that weren't no dream. objects in the mirror are farther than they may seem. (go away you ugly stray...) and he walks away to make our final arrangements on the payphone. blowing this old town, got a one-way ticket down, WITH NO GROUND BELOW AND NO SKY ABOVE YOU.