Sweet Relief & Georgia On My Mind

I'll be traveling to Atlanta very soon,

to have surgery to treat my endometriosis. 

this is major surgery (my fourth)

and has been a major endeavor to make happen. 

hopefully, it will be a turning point 

on my journey with…

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'Surgery' project update

To everyone who has supported the 'Surgery' project: 

It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate your support.  Friends showing up for me from all points of the past and reminds me of how blessed I have…

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'SURGERY': new music and photography project

Hello friends!


Well folks, here it is, the brand-new music and photography project, SURGERY.

Eleven folk tunes and standards,

recorded last month at home in Montopolis, Texas during a rainstorm.  


As you may know, I recently had major surgery for…

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the Omniscient Siren's Song


Hello friends!  


and so it goes

that once again we have approached and passed 

the place in space that makes for a new year.

do you feel it?  can you tell?

i'm not sure yet.  

still pretty out of it…

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Well folks, I'm scheduled for surgery on December 30th.

I won't get into the gory details, but it's major surgery

with all the bills and thrills that go along with that.

So to prepare spiritually and to raise funds for…

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put your loving hand in mine

Hello, stranger.  Put your loving hand in mine.

You are a stranger, but you're a pal of mine.

Amy Annelle here, briefly come up from the abyss

 to partake in a performance Saturday night.  

Rob Halvorsen's "Grapes of Wrath 75"…

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Whatever Happened To Amy Annelle?

Whatever happened to Amy Annelle?

Courser of the highways and byways

wandering the country with her music family in a big old van.  

Songs coming to you over the airwaves, f

rom the streetcorner, campfire or stage.  


It's not that…

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The Golden-Winged Ship

Ahoj, friends, and newcomers to the High Plains Sigh newsletter:  Welcome. 


I write with news of a forthcoming musical adventure, scheduled for the evening of October 10th in Austin, Tex.  


What there will be is


rare and true


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Amy Annelle to play Titwrench Fest 2012

 Amy Annelle will be playing at the fabulous 2012 Titwrench Festival, happening July 27--29 in Denver. Amy is part of the lineup Saturday night 28 July at the Mercury Dancehall.  This will likely be her only out-of-town performance this year.  

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