Austin Chronicle: 4 stars for "The Cimarron Banks"

Amy Annelle

The Cimarron Banks (High Plains Sigh)

Troubadour Amy Annelle has spent the better part of a decade sowing her rough and tumble folk tunes across the country, but the songstress returned to her Austin landing place to record…


March as Macrocosm

Hello Friends, near and far, Mockingbirds holler away, storm clouds lash in silver-gray, and what is most surprising are the dandelions, three feet high, and rising. Springtime in Texas and songbirds do indeed have their work cut out for them…


Return to Cimarron

A transmission from the folks over at Annie Street Arts Collective:



"In late 2010, Amy Annelle finished a new album, "The Cimarron Banks".  Due to Amy's prolonged illness, the album was never properly released, though copies were quietly passed to…


BIG LOVE AND THANKS to each and everyone...

I'd only ever dreamed of such a fine evening of music and community.

As an elder in the crowd said,

"it's like a big family here".


A waxing gibbous moon shone down through the oak boughs.

Warm winds and generous…


A Tangent Pair

Hello Friends,


I write from the wake of the season's first North'er.  A North'er is a cold front that barrels down the High Plains from Alberta.  Often there's blue-black clouds blasting a line from the west horizon to the east…


Bi-Coastal Song Catching



Yesterday morning I woke to a soft rain in a Maine barn.  

And by tonight, I'll be all the way to Oregon.  

Presently, I plan to take two deep breaths.  







"Schedule" Dan B & Amy Moon's


The Way of the Cimarron



The Way of the Cimarron

by Amy Annelle 2010


"In Oklahoma, all the experiences that went into the making of the nation has been speeded up...the one who can interpret Oklahoma can grasp the meaning of…


High Plains Ahead

I'm about to perigrinate up the plains to play some shows,

across the valleys of the Candadian and the Cimarron,

to the Rocky Mountains and then some.

I hope to see some of you who dwell out that way and…