1. worse & wise


he came again, came to me with a new face. "WE ALL THOUGHT FOR SURE HE WAS DONE FOR!" but: older, all the more worse & wise for the wear. and, "where have you been all these years?" tell me, where have you been all these years? and from him comes a waterfall of true things: thunderstorms and torn off bird wings. he knows of my nameless ache, and how it grew to rule me, and how it all fell on deaf and dumb ears. and it'll all fall on deaf and dumb ears. he said: "darling, you are here for a reason. your only hope now is love. and if you let it, it will fill the cracks and spring the traps that you set in circles 'round your worn-out broken heart". "this road is so lonesome and slow." "but you will be set free when you know: you've been had by savage masters, jealousy and anger. don't you see? now love is all that's left." love is all that's left.