I STAYED awhile in a trailer park in a little desert town in Southeast Oregon, writing and cooking at a restaurant. The days had a rhythm: the dogs would get up and move every so often to stay in the shade, the deer came down from the mountain at sunset, the air raid sirens would go off at noon every weekday. Some miners who were living rough in the Oregon backcountry came to the restaurant, and they invited me to visit their sunstone mine. I did, and it was one of the most beautiful lonesome spots you could imagine, high atop a fault block mountain, with antelope and wild horses and caves, a hundred miles from anywhere. ” - James Prestridge


Annelle has taken her music on the road since 1999, captivating audiences with her distinctive otherworldly vocals. This is no ordinary folk singer. She has an instinct for remaining true to roots music while taking it into a different dimension, echoing in the memory long after she’s stopped playing.” - Laurie Gallardo


For lack of a better term, Annelle makes folk music. It's often spacious and spare with instrumentation. Her voice spreads through songs like cracks on the surface of a frozen pond, both chilly and beautiful. Her songs have an elusive quality that makes them feel both like mysterious found field recordings and also energized and modern. Her approach to interpreting and singing lyrics makes her a sympathetic interpreter of others' work...she treats songs much like she treats destinations. Annelle feels a pull from the less traversed places.” - Andrew Dansby


Like genuine folk singers before...Annelle makes music borne up from the land. Keen, empathetic observers, they seem to move, like ghosts, through walls and locked doors and into the homes and lives of men and women they'll never be, yet whose stories are somehow always in part their own -- and our own.” - Susan Visakowitz


Amy Annelle is a folk singer with a keen ear for American music traditions and their eccentric variations. She's a troubadour who vividly captures the strange and dark sides of the country and its inhabitants. This is the US as a haunted place. Her songs evoke lullabies and murder ballads, acoustic blues and campfire songs, deserts and mountains. She sings to birds, rivers, ghosts and lightning; sings about seers, seekers, and doomsayers. ” - Jack Rabid

— The Big Takeover

Ghosts and the living mingle in her songs, as well as a multitude of choice covers, and few artists get closer to the ineffable essence of this land of ours in all its great and awful beauty. ” - Mike Wolf


I was not a natural singer or charismatic, talented child. I had to find my voice the hard way—through the initial horror of hearing oneself on tape for the first time, the self-consciousness...blasting through several layers of bedrock to get to the core, where it resonates by itself and just uses me as a conduit.” - Casey Jarman


'The Autopilot Knows You Best' is a deliciously cryptic affair, filled with music that is simultaneously rustic and otherworldly, with Annelle’s sweet but barely there voice offering one elusive image after another"” - David Raposa


Annelle is donating all sales of the single to the SIMS Foundation, a nonprofit that is providing mental health services and support to musicians and music industry professionals during the pandemic. Annelle says SIMS “helped me tremendously” when she was in the worst throes of her illness. “Whether it’s a chronic illness or mental illness, they’re there to get musicians through difficult times.” - Andrew Dansby


Amy Annelle...is a true musical nomad. Wielding a 1933 Gibson guitar, she carves compelling avant-folk tales of distance and clime that yearn for some long-gone pastoral past.” - Austin Powell