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Down and Out In Denver

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Down and Out in Denver is the second single, released June 21, 2024, from THE TOLL.

Amy Annelle--vocals
Cooper McBean--acoustic guitar, banjo
Beth Chrisman--fiddle


DOWN AND OUT IN DENVER Over the sea of grass, this tale came to pass. Mountains so high, plains so vast. I’ll tell you what happened in Denver. I arrived with no quarter to take. Begged a room and a dollar to make. Hear me, friend, it was a mistake to ever have set foot in Denver. Beat down from paying my dues. Trying to win the hand of my muse. I cried, for I finally had nothing to lose but a guitar and my worn-out shoes. Soon the ground was covered in snow. Broke down, no place to go. You can’t reap what ain’t been sowed on a miserable back street in Denver. So I looked up this “friend” that I knew. He said, “singer, you’re down and out, it’s true. But we’ve no place at the table for you.” I was hungry again in Denver. The flames around my head did blind me. Oh! My stars had done dis-aligned me. So far gone, St. Jude couldn’t find me, or the empties I left behind me. St. Jude’s golden flame must guide me. Wandering Star, what will be, will be. But how do you find what you can’t see? Now my song is nearly done. St. Jude, your fight cannot be won. For though this song sings, a thousand go unsung in the alleys and railyards of Denver. Yeah, I was down and out in Denver.