Amy Annelle/ Sonoren/ M.Daggers/ Pinson/ Sarah_Aaron_Ernesto

The Library (private home), Denton, Texas

Amy Annelle (Austin, TX) A prolific writer and interpreter of songs, Amy Annelle maps out the farther reaches of American music, while conjuring visions of our restless musical past. Over the course of ten albums & thousands of miles logged on the road, Annelle has cultivated a rarified voice and repertoire that "blooms with open-hearted, lustful vulnerability and a harrowing naturalistic solitudeā€(Crawdaddy).

Motorboating Daggers (Denton, TX) New-ish project of Ali Honchell & Z Pinson Hopgood, a duo of multimedia poetic intrigue

Pinson (Denton, TX) Solo singer songwriter project of one half on the motorboat!

Sonoren (Denton, TX) All fem improvisational reverberations. Voice/Electronics, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone.

Sarah Ruth/Aaron Gonzalez/Ernesto Montiel (Denton/Dallas/Mesquite, TX) Trio of deep listening improvisation, this night will be the 2nd performance of this trio together.


the news and the muse


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