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Pull Tabs and Broken Glass

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"Down and Out in Denver" is the first single, released May 31, 2024, from THE TOLL.

Amy Annelle--vocals, acoustic guitar
Jolie Holland--backing vocals
Cooper McBean--electric guitar, bass
Bob Hoffnar--pedal steel guitar
Thom Washburn--drums


PULL TABS AND BROKEN GLASS There’s a song in near everything, a story seldom told, of an old house still standing on the dark side of the road. The ground there tells stories, which come to life again. Small pieces of the past wash up in the rain. Pull tabs and broken glass, scattered on the ground. Day’s light is fading fast, shadows gatherin’ all around. Pull tabs and broken glass, in the shade of an old oak tree. So long to your checkered past, and all those “used to bes”. You can almost hear music on an old-time radio. Trash talk and gamblin’, shootin’ dice and playin’ dominoes. But when Shirley shot Cowboy, a lovers’ feud gone wrong, Cowboy fell to the ground. Just like in a song. I’m a featherweight fighter. A lock without a key. And when I went down for the count, no-one came to rescue me. Behind each broken window, there lies a broken dream. A lifetime of “could have beens”, fading on the screen. Pull tabs and broken glass, I was too blind a fool to see. So long to your checkered past, and all those “used to bes”. So long to my checkered past.