Amy Annelle, a multifaceted Americana songwriter and folk musician from Austin, Texas, is a captivating storyteller whose deep catalog reflects a modern vision entwined with respect for America’s rich musical legacy. With a talent for inhabiting her songs, she effortlessly conveys complex characters and emotional nuance, making singing seem as natural as breathing. Best known for her rendition of Townes Van Zandt’s “Buckskin Stallion Blues,” which featured prominently in the Academy Award-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Annelle's heartfelt performance has resonated globally. 

Emerging from a long battle with chronic illness, Annelle returns to the forefront of her craft with her enthralling  new album, The Toll, a visceral 12-track treasure. Borne from the depths of a restive soul, these songs capture a time of transience and potent relationships. Each entry explores elemental lyrical themes: the wonderment and fierceness of nature’s rapture (“A Star’s Memory,” “East Texas Son”), the multi-faceted sorrow and astonishment of love (“The Ballad of Fire and Water,” “Why Did He Take His Love Away,” “The Toll”), the high price of following dreams (“Down and Out in Denver,” ”The Gate”), the peril of reaching the end of the road (“Pull Tabs and Broken Glass,” “Let Me Be,” “That Lonesome Whistle”), and her own emerging queer identity (“Common Law Marriage,” “I Loved a Lad”). 

Backed by some of Austin’s finest studio musicians, The Toll showcases Annelle’s deft musical language - one that transcends genre boundaries. Co-produced by Cooper McBean of folk/Americana powerhouse The Devil Makes Three, the album features lush instrumentation, stirring harmonies, and elegant arrangements. McBean also duets with Annelle on album track “Common Law Marriage,” a wry, bittersweet send-up of conventional values. Acclaimed songwriter and musician Jolie Holland makes a wistful guest vocal appearance on the album’s overture and opener, “Pull Tabs and Broken Glass.” 

Recorded at Annelle’s no-frills home studio in Austin’s Montopolis neighborhood, mixed by revered producer and engineer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, The Weather Station), and mastered by legendary engineer Greg Calbi (Yoko Ono, Sleater-Kinney, Taylor Swift), The Toll is imbued with a lifetime of lived experience, offering intimate and raw narratives that are deep-seeded and rooted in authenticity, complex yet playful. 

Since her 1998 debut single “Rudy,”  Annelle, who  has also contributed to the work of fellow artists Bill Callahan, Daniel Johnston, Michael Hurley, and Jandek, has released a stream of critically acclaimed solo albums, first using the moniker “The Places,” then her own name. After a few years spent in Portland, Oregon’s burgeoning music scene, she made a home on the road, touring as a soloist or with ingenious pickup groups which brought together friends from folk, jazz, country and experimental circles. In between her  travels, Annelle stayed in different regions of the country, living rough, working odd jobs and immersing herself in the people, places and history around her. Her songs, photographs, and essays bear witness to this journey, into forgotten eddies of America and deep within herself. Her touching performances have taken place everywhere from art collectives and festivals, clubs and street corners, to New York City’s Town Hall and on Hollywood’s big screen. She’s been recording and touring for over two decades, crafting “richly textured, exotic song-worlds that often bear little resemblance to standard voice-and-guitar folk songs” (Billboard).

The Toll  marks Annelle’s triumphant return to form; her music serves as a cartographic study of people and places, where cities and encounters are vividly portrayed in shades and shapes of bruises. Her songs culminate in a cathartic and unforgettable experience for all who listen.





Amy often plays a parlor guitar from Big Hollow Guitars 

AMY ANNELLE writes the songs.  She performs and records solo, and is often joined by guest musicians in the studio, and onstage by duos, trios, quartets and quintets. From 1999--2006, she worked under the retired moniker The Places.

some blurring in the mists of time, but still ringing true:  


ELAINE BARBER (Austin Symphony) concert harp | BOB HOFFNAR (Norah Jones, Iggy & the Stooges) pedal steel | COOPER McBEAN (Devil Makes Three) guitar, production | BETH CHRISMAN (James Hand, Carper Family)  fiddle | HENNA CHOU (Graham Reynolds) cello | THOM WASHBURN (Molly Birch) drums | JOHN ALAN KENNEDY percussion | Matt Kinsey (Bill Callahan) guitar | BRIAN BEATTIE (Bill Callahan) producer/recording| CRAIG ROSS  (Lisa Germano, Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin) production, guitar | RALPH E. WHITE |performing|(Bad Livers, Michelle Shocked, Jandek) IAN McLAGAN recording(Small Faces,Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan) PAUL BRAINARD |recording, performing|(The Sadies, Richmond Fontaine, Victoria WIlliams) ROY COON |performing| SARAH HENNIES |performing| MOLLY FISCHER |recording| WILL LANDIN |recording| MICHAEL HURLEY | performing | ANDY PIPER |performing, recording| (Reeks & the Wrecks) LINDSEY VERRILL |performing| JOSHUA HOUSH |performing, recording| JAY PELICCI |producer/recording| (Deerhoof, Erase Errata) JUDE WEBRE |performing, recording|(Dimestore Dance Ensemble, Nina Nastasia) STELLIN NEWSOME |performing|(Sweethearts of the Rodeo)  JACK MARTIN |performing|(Kid Congo Powers, Knoxville Girls) SCOTT JARVIS |performing| (Mo Tucker, Jad Fair) RACHEL BLUMBERG |recording| (The Decemberists, Bright Eyes, M. Ward) JASON SANDS |performing, recording|(Reeks & The Wrecks) DYLAN REILLY |performing|  TIMOTHY HORNER |performing, recording|(Grails, Jackie-O Motherfucker) JOHNNY SCHIER |performing, recording| (Last of the Juanitas, Truman's Water) RYAN STOWE |performing, recording| (Swords Project)  JORDAN HUDSON |performing, recording| (The Thermals) ZAK RILES |performing, recording| (Grails, M. Ward) MIKE SCHORR |performing, recording| (Death Cab for Cutie) JOE HAEGE |recording| (31 Knots) ADAM KRINEY |performing| (Castanets) J. ALARIC TRUE |performing, recording | AMANDA LAWRENCE |recording| SIERRA COLLUM |recording|


2022 Bill Callahan Reality (arranging and singing of harmony vocals)

2018 Amy Annelle, various Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande)

2015 Amy Annelle, Surgery (High Plains Sigh)

2012 Amy Annelle, The Great Unveiling (High Plains Sigh)

2010 Amy Annelle, Rocky Mountain High (High Plains Sigh)

2010 Amy Annelle, The Cimarron Banks (High Plains Sigh

2009 Amy Annelle, Live On WFMU (High Plains Sigh)

2009 Precious Blood (Amy Annelle & Ralph White duo) Top of the Holler (High Plains Sigh)

2009 Precious Blood (Amy Annelle & Ralph White duo) KVRX Local Live Compilation 

2008 Amy Annelle, Some From the Stream Tour Comp (High Plains Sigh)

2006 The Places, Songs for Creeps (High Plains Sigh)

2005 The Places, Fawns With Fangs: Seclctions from the Dark Heart of the Thicket (High Plains Sigh)

2005 The Places, Appetizers & Leftovers/Austin, TX Compilation (I Eat Records)

2004 The Places, Call It Sleep (Hush)

2002 The Places, Pop Life Vol. 9 Compilation (Contact Records Japan)

2001 Amy Annelle, A School of Secret Dangers (Hush)

2000 The Places, The Autopilot Knows You Best (Absolutely Kosher)

1999 Amy Annelle, Which One's You? (Hush)

1997 Amy Annelle (as Underwater Salvage Partners), Fuel Compilation (Arena Rock)