'SURGERY': new music and photography project

Hello friends!


Well folks, here it is, the brand-new music and photography project, SURGERY.

Eleven folk tunes and standards,

recorded last month at home in Montopolis, Texas during a rainstorm.  


As you may know, I recently had major surgery for a chronic medical condition.  

This project has been set up as a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards medical expenses.

The album was conceived in the weeks before surgery as a way to transcend fears

and the stress of chronic illness through music...and dangit, it worked!

I  am excited to be able to share it with you now.  


Please make a donation of any amount to the medical fund:



Then download the album free*:





'SURGERY' by Amy Annelle

HPS 014


GREY FUNNEL LINE (written by Cyril Tawney, 1959; after June Tabor & Maddy Prior)

NEW RIVER BLUES (written by Michael Hurley, 2006)

THE BONNY SHIP THE 'DIAMOND' (traditional, 1820s; after the Watersons)

TRASH FISH (FISHIN' ALL DAY) (written by Ralph White, 1992)

QUIET (written by Malvina Reynolds, 1966)

BLACK IS THE COLOR (traditional; after Jean Ritchie)


I ONCE LOVED A LASS (traditional, British Isles; after Ewan MacColl)

THAT OLE DEVIL CALLED LOVE (written by Doris Fischer & Allan Roberts, 1944; after Billie Holiday)

TRAVELING PEOPLE (written by Ewan MacColl, 1964; after Gordon Bok)

OVER THE RAINBOW (written Yip Harburg & Harold Arlen, 1939)


Recorded one rainy weekend in December 2014

by Amy Annelle at home in Montopolis, Texas.

Mixed by Craig Ross.

Amy Annelle: guitars, voices, shruti box & drones, percussion, tin whistle, chimes.  

Ike & David:  backing vocals on track 4.

Auxiliary hollering, boasting, barking and leafblowing as they occurred.


*Do you loathe digital music and/or digital fundraising?

Fellow luddites, take heart!  

A handmade CD version of this album is available

for a donation of any amount.

Donations may be sent via the regular old postman,

who will haul ass through my neighborhood in his little right-hand drive truck,

 delivering your parcel surreptitiously after sunset:



Amy Annelle

6003 Ponca Street

Montopolis, Austin, TX 78741



Fare Forward, with love!

xxHigh Plains Sighxx