"Three Billboards" at Golden Globes, Amy Annelle solo show in Houston 

Congratulations to "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" for winning four Golden Globes last night: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor to Sam Rockwell, and Best Actress to Francis McDormand!

Amy's version of the great Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt's "Buckskin Stallion Blues" plays throughout the final scenes of the film and is introducing Amy's music to a whole new audience. Please join her in Houston January 19 for an intimate solo performance at McGonigle's Mucky Duck. 9:30 pm…

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"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" film and soundtrack 

Amy's version of Townes Van Zandt's "Buckskin Stallion Blues" appears in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", the new film by writer and director Martin McDonagh. The song also appears on the film soundtrack, released by Varèse Sarabande and available at Amazon.

Sweet Relief & Georgia On My Mind 

I'll be traveling to Atlanta very soon,

to have surgery to treat my endometriosis. 

this is major surgery (my fourth)

and has been a major endeavor to make happen. 

hopefully, it will be a turning point 

on my journey with this miserable disease.


Sweet Relief has kindly set up a medical fund on my behalf.


there's a bit of my story here, 

and links for solid endometriosis resources.


all donations are tax deductible

and will go towards my surgery…

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'Surgery' project update 

To everyone who has supported the 'Surgery' project: 

It's hard to put into words how much I appreciate your support.  Friends showing up for me from all points of the past and present...it reminds me of how blessed I have been during my time on the road and during this difficult, or shall I say different, time of staying put.  I am a little more than halfway through the 8 week 'recovery' time for the operation and continue to focus on healing.

Recording 'Surgery' gave me a break from being a sick…

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'SURGERY': new music and photography project 

Hello friends!


Well folks, here it is, the brand-new music and photography project, SURGERY.

Eleven folk tunes and standards,

recorded last month at home in Montopolis, Texas during a rainstorm.  


As you may know, I recently had major surgery for a chronic medical condition.  

This project has been set up as a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards medical expenses.

The album was conceived in the weeks before surgery as a way to transcend fears

and the stress of chronic illness through music...and…

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the Omniscient Siren's Song 


Hello friends!  


and so it goes

that once again we have approached and passed 

the place in space that makes for a new year.

do you feel it?  can you tell?

i'm not sure yet.  

still pretty out of it, but happy all the same.


I am recovering quietly and fine from the surgery.

Thank you to my friends who have gently got my back

and are looking after the critters and creations!


The new album of surgery songs went on a trip to the mixing shed

and should be returning home, ready to share shortly!  


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Well folks, I'm scheduled for surgery on December 30th.

I won't get into the gory details, but it's major surgery

with all the bills and thrills that go along with that.

So to prepare spiritually and to raise funds for this non-voluntary endeavor,

I have decided to make it a celebration of sorts,

with an album called SURGERY!

I've been recording at home.

And will polish off this acute collection of songs

and make it available for your listening enjoyment right quick!

More details to come soon via the …

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put your loving hand in mine 

Hello, stranger.  Put your loving hand in mine.

You are a stranger, but you're a pal of mine.

Amy Annelle here, briefly come up from the abyss

 to partake in a performance Saturday night.  

Rob Halvorsen's "Grapes of Wrath 75" Project is in full swing,

the latest manifestation being a night of yarns & song

at the Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin, Tejas.  

Rob is in collaboration with folks of many stripes

on the subject of Joad Clan|:|USA;

yes many lights will coalesce and shine tomorrow night. 


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Whatever Happened To Amy Annelle? 

Whatever happened to Amy Annelle?

Courser of the highways and byways

wandering the country with her music family in a big old van.  

Songs coming to you over the airwaves, f

rom the streetcorner, campfire or stage.  


It's not that I have gone. or given up.  Far from it. 

I just got real sick.  

There you have it.   

Been a couple years now.

No sure fire cures.

Trailing through a different wilderness.

Looking for clues, and crime scenes.


I will mend.  This is my intention.

But this mending takes time…

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The Golden-Winged Ship 

Ahoj, friends, and newcomers to the High Plains Sigh newsletter:  Welcome. 


I write with news of a forthcoming musical adventure, scheduled for the evening of October 10th in Austin, Tex.  


What there will be is


rare and true

and played with soul

for you.  



Wednesday Oct. 10th 

doors at 9:30

all-ages show

$6 at the door; all ages

Mohawk Austin




This will be my last show for 2012 and one of just a few I've played this

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the news and the muse


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