the Omniscient Siren's Song


Hello friends!  


and so it goes

that once again we have approached and passed 

the place in space that makes for a new year.

do you feel it?  can you tell?

i'm not sure yet.  

still pretty out of it, but happy all the same.


I am recovering quietly and fine from the surgery.

Thank you to my friends who have gently got my back

and are looking after the critters and creations!


The new album of surgery songs went on a trip to the mixing shed

and should be returning home, ready to share shortly!  

And thus, the lowdown on the download and how that will happen!

News of it here in, like, days.


In the meantime, something to watch, someplace to go.

on video.

Back in time and place,

to caliche roads, clouds, satchels full of songs.

Bang-up full production numbers

of Ivy & the Wicker Suitcase @ Stateside Theatre in Austin Texas, November 2014.


Omniscient Siren (Amy Annelle) accompanies Omniscient Serenader (Brian Beattie)

on his "Ivy's Dream"



...and a drowsing Everything (Bill Callahan) "I Was Sleeping"

Those illustrious illustrated cranky reels are by Valerie Beattie.


Frogs croak. twinkles twinkle. fates allow,

 as they will you.


Fare Forward!

Amy Annelle