High Plains SIgh Releases now available in digital format

Yes, you may now enjoy the High Plains Sigh catalogue in the modern virtual way.  All titles by Amy Annelle, and her earlier work as "The Places"*, can be procured as downloads by visiting iTunes, Rhapsody, and other websites where these sorts of transactions transpire.  

Have a look here at the catalog, there may be some albums trips a-waitin' that you've not yet taken.  In Particular "The Great Unveiling", a new Amy Annelle covers album, which was never officially released, rather it just appeared in the stream one day, fully formed and sunning itself on the banks. 

Thank You for your support, and as ever, Fare Forward!




THE GREAT UNVEILING, Amy Annelle (2012) HPS 012

Informal readings of folk, rock and unclassifiable songs.  Annelle covers everyone from Skip James and Townes Van Zandt to Ray Davies and R. Stevie Moore.  Mostly recorded at home.

THE CIMARRON BANKS, Amy Annelle (2010) HPS 009

"A genuine American visionary strikes again, this time with smoldering allegorical heft. Annelle tempers the profound with flecks of the profane, warping timeless compositions with modern forthrightness and frailty…a haunting, heartening, and harrowingly human folk event. There’s just a lot going on here, and it’s an accessible complexity that’s sure to endure." (Howard Wyman, Crawdaddy) 

 SONGS FOR CREEPS, The Places (2006) HPS 004

"A starkly beautiful collection of dark avant-folk wanderings...eerily quiet and breathtaking.  'Songs For Creeps' mirrors the nomadic lifestyle of its maker, utilizing vintage equipment and instruments, found sounds like bird calls and ghostly Native American chanting, and her own sweet voice.  Annelle crafts wonderfully weird, macabre songs about fading love, murderous intentions, seers and midnight explorations" (Peter Linblad, Goldmine Magazine) 

FAWNS WITH FANGS:  Selections From the Dark Heart of the Thicket, The Places (2005) HPS 001 

"Not the usual premeditated studio covers album: it's more of an accidental self-portrait, drawn from a wealth of live recordings and home 4-track sessions. The album digs deep into the hallowed underground of British and American folk and psychedelic rock--with a few wild cards mixed in"  The secret bonus tracks are included.

CALL IT SLEEP, The Places (2004) HPS  008 

"A staggering achievement of tranquil, curiously soothing acrimony…the songs seem exuded from a heart evolved well past a certain peril but still beating virulently…lush, patient melodies and expertly balanced arrangements" (Howard Wyman, Swingset Magazine)

A SCHOOL OF SECRET DANGERS, Amy Annelle (2001) HPS 007

"A School of Secret Dangers is the bar at which modern singer-songwriters should measure up to, a tight recording stripped down to the bare essentials and somehow managing to sound whole in every way" (Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust) 


"I've never floated through an album before, but listening to The Autopilot Knows You Best, I felt as if I were buoyed on the zephyr of Annelle's ivory-pure voice, passing through the vapor of flawless, narcotic clouds of music" (John Dark, Pitchfork Media)

WHICH ONE'S YOU?, Amy Annelle (1999) HPS 003

"Twisting melodies and bear-trap lyrics that tear the bark off any vestige of sentimentality...a remarkable and wrenching debut record" (John Chandler, Rocket Magazine)


*titles originally released as "The Places" are now listed online as "Amy Annelle & the Places".