put your loving hand in mine

Hello, stranger.  Put your loving hand in mine.

You are a stranger, but you're a pal of mine.

Amy Annelle here, briefly come up from the abyss

 to partake in a performance Saturday night.  

Rob Halvorsen's "Grapes of Wrath 75" Project is in full swing,

the latest manifestation being a night of yarns & song

at the Spiderhouse Cafe in Austin, Tejas.  

Rob is in collaboration with folks of many stripes

on the subject of Joad Clan|:|USA;

yes many lights will coalesce and shine tomorrow night. 

I'll sing a sort of lullaby to Rosasharn that Rob and I wrote,

and The Ballad of Belle Star, translated from the 1940's Woody.

So won't you come on down and stay awhile?

There's a chill in the air and tunes to beguile.



Saturday, October 25th

Spiderhouse Ballroom

2906 Fruth Street



doors at 7:00; show at 8:00

**All Ages Welcome**

$10 suggested donation



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